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Planning Processes - Industrial Engineering

Engineering is a complex, interdisciplinary task, which demands effort, determination and careful coordination from the entire project team. Each discipline must be occupied compulsory by a specialist of the field in question. However, it must understand the suggestions, objections and requirement of other disciplines.
A mutual supporting and forming esprit is the prerequisite for the success of a complex project. This esprit confers wings to the entire team of the KW-Consulting-Group.

The most important link in the development process is the cooperation of KW-Consulting-Group with its clients. Exchange of ideas and discussions about requirements start with the first project discussion and continue throughout the entire duration of the project realization. The declared target of our company is to fulfil and outperform the demands and requirements of our clients.

The Total-Quality-Management control process, which is being used by KW-Consulting-Group, starts with the planning and project specifications and accompanies the realization until the hand-over to our clients. During the realisation phase, responsible team members stay integrated actively in the project until it is being handed over to our clients. This way, small projects of few man-days and projects which can reach the three-digit million - margin can be easily realized. We guarantee this with our name and with our branch-unspecific, above-average warranty and insurance performances. We set benchmarks.

Planning from One Source – From One Responsibility – Without Interfaces

Project Management - Project Engineering - Project Realization

Building equipment, technical building equipment, technical installation planning for production, product, layout, logistics planning, start-up and secured hand-over constitute in case of reconstruction, amplification and new installation or in case of Brown- and Greenfield plans an inseparable unit. KW-Consulting-Group has recognized the market demands and is prepared for its challenges. KW-Consulting-Group with its partner, KW-Engineering, offers today a complete package on the field of engineering. By means of the long-lasting experience over decades, KW has qualified specialists for the single disciplines, who take over this performance to its full extent. We think ahead, plan cost- and environment-oriented and optimized, we realize on-time and additionally assured in the plant. The approach can be classified in the following main sections – in these cases, we are pleased to take over all assignments which are offered to us by our clients:
  • Planning of the production installations
  • Product planning
  • Logistics concept
  • Environmental and ressources planning
  • Material flow visualisation by means of PID
  • Location screening
  • Architecture, static and support structure planning
  • Building dimensioning, building design, infrastructure
  • Technical building equipment, air conditioning, cooling system, waste water treatment
  • Electricity, measurement and regulation technology
  • Application and monitoring of approval procedures
  • Preparation of functional specifications
  • Conduct of negotiations with contractual partners and sub-contractors
  • Monitoring during the realization phase
  • Building site coordination
  • Start-up
  • Training of the user teams
  • Ensuring the capacities and quality
  • Closing all interfaces
  • Control and ensuring the budget