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Business processes usually slow down during change introduction. Just as if a spanner was in the machine. People worry about negative effects. For improvements to pull instantaneously, KW-Consulting-Group relies on the intensive workshops of InterQuality, which introduce the participants to the concepts and tools for process optimization. Change-Management of InterQuality-experts optimizes company processes in industry and for service providers for over 20 years. Consultants in the US and Europe follow the perception, that individual, isolated changes are not able to secure long-term success. In fact, complete changes are being generated. For this, experienced teams integrate proven and new tools - customized for the individual client situation.

The InterQuality-modus operandi convinces through its systematic approach. If you agree with the following statements, the TQM-mechanism will lead to a rapid and direct advantage for your company. Afterwards, we should have a discussion.

High warranty costs
Many product claims
Repeated product problems
Product development takes too long
Products do not fulfil the client’s requirements
Market trends are unpredictable
Require technologies, which are one step ahead
Search for innovative solutions, which can be rapidly implemented

Your demands towards TQM-systems are our business. After all, by means of our products and methods we intend to make sure that the only place where sand is to be found would be the casting mould.


The Six Sigma-systematic enables you to gain improvements with a "zero fault"-objective and process optimization. This process has improved results of many companies in a very short time. InterQuality-consultants train their employees as "greenbelts" and "blackbelts" and support your projects from the start phase to a successful result.


DFSS is currently a very effective method to develop processes and products, as a result of the well-engineered methodology. Development processes are shortened drastically while considering client requirements. "Putting out fires" in business life can be consequently avoided. This development systematic will lead to extensive improvements in your organisational structure.


The problem solving algorithm TRIZ, the Russian abbreviation for theory of innovative problem solving, is a great weapon in the fight against technological barriers and for systematic development of your products and processes. Your apparently unsolvable problems will be cracked in no time. InterQuality trains your employees into TRIZ-specialists and solves your problem in a very short time.