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GmbH & Co. KG
Gerstenstrasse 5
DE-86356 Neusaess / Augsburg
Phone:  +49 821 / 486 59 64
Fax:       +49 821 / 486 59 65
… depicts a triangle from the TANGRAM and thus, embodies our conception about leadership and consulting.

Difficult tasks cannot be solved by means of hazard. They necessitate imaginativeness, systematic, visions and persistency. Each task demands a new, creative, individual input; partial successes arise quickly. Integral “tailor-made” solutions which satisfy all requirements and goals are our target.

The biggest secret of success is located in the personalities, the leading figures and the esprit which lies within. Knowledge and competence are necessary.

The upper triangle line exemplifies the fusion of the persons Krapohl and Wirth to a high-performance, international, successful network which connects technical and economical excellences. The two upper corners of the triangle are being carried by the “V” from Veigel. Thus, each corner reflects one of the company founders and the motto of the company:

Thinking Ahead - Creating - Accompanying.