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GmbH & Co. KG
Gerstenstrasse 5
DE-86356 Neusaess / Augsburg
Phone:  +49 821 / 486 59 64
Fax:       +49 821 / 486 59 65

Dr. Dipl.-Ing.
Hans-Peter Krapohl
Chief Executive Officer

Wolfgang Wirth
Executive Officer 

Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.-Architect
Andreas Veigel
Executive Officer
„Primus inter Pares“, CEO of the group and managing director of Krapohl-Wirth Foundry Consulting GmbH, he disposes of a long-lasting managerial experience in international markets and stands for the topic „Thinking Ahead“. This is reflected in more than 150 projects, a.o. over 10 successful interim management mandates and various strategic re-orientations.

Until 1996, he worked in various international companies on the managerial level. Subsequently, he changed to consultancy and he is one of the founders of the successful operating KW-group.

Studies and doctorate in foundry studies at RWTH Aachen. Research and development work are evidence of his scientific skills. Studies in quality control and further training in Japan.
Whether iron, aluminium or non-ferrous metals, his name stands for the topic ambitious „Creating“. He optimizes operative processes, key data, budgets, times and scrap. As a result of his pronounced managerial experience, he succeeds in steering operative companies towards the profit zone within the shortest time possible.

The foundry engineer born in 1959 is being active since 1985 in leading positions at renowned international foundry companies, works since 2000 in the consultancy sector and he is one of the group’s founders. A polyglot man of action and global player who has worked in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia and South Africa.

Engineering studies in foundry technology at the University of Friedberg.
Within 15 years, he managed to build or renovate 15 foundries. Among them, the most modern aluminium and iron foundries in Germany and Europe can be counted - for OEMs, TIER 1 and for non-automotive clients. He and his team stand for ambitious, cost-oriented „Accompanying“.

He has worked in project leading positions, later as managing director in various international companies, where he was in charge of the realization of industrial parks in Europe, Asia and America. Since 1996, when he has changed into the consultancy field and since 2004, when he became an executive officer of the KW-Consulting-Group, he has specialized in foundries. An average of 1, 5 foundries worldwide carry his signature every year.

Architectural studies and construction engineer studies at the University of Kassel.