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Supporting by Donations

In 2006, KW-Consulting-Group started to activate its publicity work in the form of donations. Each year, one or two projects are being searched worldwide, which shall be sponsored by the contribution of our group. The main focus of the sponsorship lies in the field of child, youth and training support.

Thus, KW ensures that a part of its turnover serves to fulfil adolescent wishes which otherwise would not be possible. Our clients support us in this by means of their loyalty to our company. This way, we were able to start this action and hope to be able to continue it on a long-term basis.

Projects or Facilities Supported by Donations

  • 2015 Local Association Hartmannsdorf
    Supporting the Cherry Blossom Festival Related to Children Work
  • 2015 Foundation Fund Dolphin Therapy
    Free disposal
  • 2014 Organization „Deutsche Kinderkrebshilfe e.V.“
    Free disposal
  • 2013 Organization “Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V.”
    Free disposal
  • 2013 Foundation „Anderes Sehen e.V.“ – For the Encouragement of Blind Children
    Free disposal
  • 2011 Association „Gegen Noma e.V.“
    Free disposal
  • 2011 Doctor Clowns e.V.
    Free disposal
  • 2010 AGIFA reg. assoc
    Free disposal
  • 2008 High-School Täfertingen
    IT-equipment of the classes (partially)
  • 2008 Foundry Institute RWTH Aachen
    Free disposal
  • 2007 Laempe Trust
    Free disposal
  • 2007 TuS Fürstenfeldbruck
    Training camp of the youth team in St. Pölten